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Month: March 2016

School+Genealogy= History Becomes Personal

  Let’s start with three truths: I homeschool most of my children. My favorite subject is history. My favorite pastime…

Photo Friday: Henry Turner

    Henry Turner lived from 1844-1902 in Bardstown, Kentucky. He made his living as a jeweler. He married in…

Our 5 Generation Birth Place Charts

Thanks to J Paul Hawthorne for another great chart idea: the 5 generation birth place chart! This was another fun…

Ancestor Score Card

I have seen the idea for an ancestor score card floating around various blogs for the past couple of years….

Sunday Story: Frank’s Navy Days

This week’s #FamilyStoryMinute features the World War II Navy service of my husband’s grandpa, Frank Darrell Wiltbank. Please enjoy.

Photo Friday: Bertha Barton

This is my great-great grandmother, Bertha (Ruschek) Wesler/Wetzler Barton, whom I respect and admire. I have been researching her life…

The Traveling Salesmen: Ansel B. and Howard H. Donohoo, Part I

This post is part of the Donohoo Descendancy Project.   Brothers Ansel B. and Howard H. Donohoo were born the…

Sunday Story: Betty the Prankster

This week’s #FamilyStoryMinute features the childhood antics of my grandma, Betty Alice Johnson. Please enjoy.

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