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Month: April 2016

Photo Friday: Ernie Finlay’s Old School Tech Toys

As I shared in this week’s #FamilyStoryMinute , my husband’s grandfather, George Ernest Finlay, worked in the tech sector in…

The Traveling Salesmen: Ansel B. and Howard H. Donohoo, Part II

This post is part of the Donohoo Descendancy Project. Brothers Ansel B. and Howard H. Donohoo were born the ninth…

Sunday Story: George Ernest “Ernie” Finlay: Man of Technology, Man of the Land

This week’s #FamilyStoryMinute explores the contrasting talents of my husband’s paternal grandpa, George Ernest “Ernie” Finlay. Please enjoy.

Photo Friday: 3 Generations of Stevens Women

This photo, taken in the mid-1930s, shows 3 generations of women from the Stevens family: Nora (Gray) Stevens, Bessie (Stevens)…

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