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Happy 100th Anniversary Sid and Bess







Today I am commemorating my great-grandparents’ 100th wedding anniversary. They were married 18 December 1916.

Sidney James Barton and Bessie Stevens
Sidney James Barton and Bessie Stevens were teen sweethearts growing up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They went out courting on the back of Sid’s motorcycle. Soon they became inseparable.

Sidney Barton on his motorcycle
On 18 December 1916, these two love birds decided to elope, but had to tell a lie to do it! It was just a little fib… a tiny white lie… and they were so in love… Bessie said she was 18 on the marriage license, and Sidney listed age 21. But, they were really only 16 and 19 years old!

Sidney and Bessie’s marriage license
Their marriage was soon blessed with a daughter, Billee Kathryn.

Sidney, Bessie, and Billee Barton
And then another daughter, Elizabeth June.

June and Billee Barton

Bess and Sid Barton

Billee and June Barton

Bessie and Sidney Barton

June and Billee Barton

During WWII, Sid & Bess took in their two grown daughters and two grandaughters when their husbands/fathers went off to war.

Sidney and Bessie Barton with granddaughter Judy

Barton family during WWII
Eventually, the couple was blessed with two grandsons as well.

Grandsons Steve and Rick
For their 50th wedding anniversary, Sid & Bessie’s children, grandchildren, and church community threw a big celebration.

Bess, Sid and Bess’s sister-in-law and brother at 50th anniversary celebration
Billee, Sidney, Bessie, June at 50th anniversary celebration

At the party, they presented Sid & Bess with a vibrant, beautiful, hand-stitched quilt, embroidered with the name of every member of their congregation.

Commemorative quilt
Even after 50 years, they were still inseparable.

Inseparable after 50 years

Happy Anniversary
See Sid & Bessie’s story in video form, including home video clips from the mid-1950s of this sweet couple:


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