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The Community on the Quilt

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The Community on the Quilt

The beautiful handstitched quilt that Sidney & Bessie Barton received on their anniversary really contains a story about a community of folks that lived, worshipped and socialized together. On the quilt are the names of 174 individuals who lived in the Oklahoma City area in the mid-1960s, and attended the same church congregation. I have decided to share the names and images from the quilt publicly, so that the families of all the individuals named on the quilt can have access to the clues that are stitched onto it. I have left the names in the groupings in which they are stitched on the quilt, to preserve any clues that those groupings may give; although, there are several same surname individuals and groups on the quilt that may be related to one another.

Names on the 50th anniversary quilt:

Leste Moore
Luther Moore
Reca Horner
Raymond Hawkins
Elena Hawkins
Pat Hogan
Jim Noel
Bonnie Noel
Aileen Calhoun
Alva Ogle
The Hendrens
Mrs. N.G. Reinauer
Roy Bianchi
Alice Bianchi
Cora Olma
Ralph Thomas
Lorraine Thomas
Irma Harris
Leo Smith
Mildred Smith
Peggie McCracken
Charlie Louise Gibson
Curtis Ritchie
Paul Dubois
Wilma Dubois
Nadine Sears
Herman Harms
Florence Harms
Rodel Cowan
Archie Swenson
Hazel Swenson
Eliza Butler
Bob Luttrell
Genevieve Luttrell
Linda Luttrell
Mae Gates
Leslie Gaunt
Lula Gaunt
Betty Stokes
Harl Stokes
Hattie Barton
Cecil Birkhead
Nina Birkhead
Mrs. L. R. Conklin
Howard Miler
Guide Miler
Mary Burns Cook
Leslie Marshall
Virginia Marshall
Clyde Marshall
Lester Wood
Natalie Wood
Jaunita Johnson
Kenneth Winders
Clara Lee Winders
Freddye Henderson
Fred Cocklin
Ray Cocklin
Cora Cocklin
Clarence Clingan
Ella Clingan
Lillian Hewitt
Jack Grimes
Dieann Grimes
Dean Grimes
Della Marlon
Allen Smith
Fay Smith
Doris Malum
Cora Alma
Pearl Roushkoll
W.P. Hubbard
Verna Hubbard
Dennis Blankenship
Marie Blankenship
Dennice Blankenship
Ellison Blankenship
C.E. Heim
Ida Heim
Thelma Blankenship
Eddith Robinson
Andy Robinson
Philip Robinson
Elsie McNeily
J.B. McNeily
Aura Stewart
Velma Grimes
Chester Grimes
Bill Grimes
Belle Billings
Mr. T.J. Billings
Mae Rodgers
Mary Hammett
Laura Athens
Nellie Dawson
Sylvia Billings
Ma Belle Swanda
Bertha Casey
Ora Vinyard
Hosea Vinyard
Frances Bell
Mabel Sinclair
Hugh Sinclair
Dotty Sinclair
Florence Jack
Florence Barns
Metra Hannon
Mrs. A. G. Robinson
Mr. A. G. Robinson
Bertha King
Minnie Taylor
Ida Williams
Anna Gustori
Ora Buckley
Glenn Buckley
Jessie Pruitt
Grace Carnar
Marvin Carnar
Grace Dell Bird
Margaret Gregg
Edna Huddleston
Carl Huddleston
Flossie Crew
Purcell Walker
Bessie Walker
Marian Shepherd
W.J. Stevens
Sid Barton
Bess Barton
Ida B. Cuningham
Mabel Olerhouse
James B. Bristol
Mary Jo Bristol
Hazel Wheeler
Wayne Graham
Esther Graham
Clark McCall
Phyllis McCall
Isabella Robinson
Jackie Swenson
Leonard Clay
Ruby Clay
Ralph Barney
Mabel Barney
Virginia Marshall
May McAfee
Sylvia Johnson
O.A. Johnson
Frank Kelloge
Anna Grace Kelloge
George Fitzsimmons
Otis Bealmesr
Wilma Bealmesr
Otis Hall Bealmesr
Joyce Ann Smith
Evena Brown
Don Peery
Virgil Peery
Tressie Peery
Donns Perry
O.B. Fox
Ethel Fox
Robbie Luttrell
Ordoff Clark
Margaret Clark
Hazel Swenson
Doris Eggleston
Mary Gamble
Fannie Mann
Fred Sachsenheimer
Cora Nachtigall
Clarence Barr
Gertie Barr
Mollie Brown





See images of each quilt square at:

Questions this quilt leaves me with:

* Which church congregation did the Bartons attend, exactly?

* The only relatives I can identify easily are Roy and Alice Bianchi. Are there other relatives’ names on the quilt?

* I wonder about the same-surname individuals. How are they or are they related to one another? They are unlikely to be my relations, but the hard-core researcher in me is itching to look into it and find out who they are.

* What sort of relationships & interactions did my great-grandparents have with these folks? I am not sure there are many resources to find out these types of details, but I am curious.

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