I have seen the idea for an ancestor score card floating around various blogs for the past couple of years. The latest was at Olive Tree Genealogy. This time, I decided to actually take the time to count out my own score card, counting how many ancestors I can identify in the first 8 generations of my tree (to my 5th great grandparents). I was happily surprised that I have 91% of my 3rd great grandparents identified, and even 78% of my 4th great grandparents. The number drops steeply by 5th greats, and that is not because of lack of effort. Well, it is a good baseline to compare in future years as I continue to work on some of those brick walls at the 4th great generation.

I also made a chart for my hubby’s ancestry. I have been just as heavily invested in his genealogy for nearly 18 years as I am in mine. After all, both of our ancestral lines make up our children’s ancestry. His numbers are looking a little slimmer than mine. We have more work to do. Bring it on. I’m up for another 25 years of research… And more!