This week’s #FamilyStoryMinute involved an old cassette tape with recordings that my mom made of me singing various nursery songs when I was two to five years old. She originally created these recordings to send to out-of-state relatives for Christmas and birthdays, just as a way to stay close and share the fleeting toddler years. My young children love to listen to this tape, but I thought it was time to convert this old and fragile (at least in the hands of a young child) format to digital.

With a simple two sided audio cord, I connected the cassette tape player to the Mac computer, and recorded the entire tape using GarageBand. Once the recording finished, I trimmed out some static, and sliced each individual song apart, saving them separately. Using my iPad and iMovie, I matched each song track with some photos of myself and family members at the time the recording was made. I also used Keynote to make Title and Credits images to use for the beginning and end of the video. Because these videos involve living people, I have shared these privately on our iTunes library and AppleTV, so the children can enjoy the videos anytime they’d like.


Video Title image created in Keynote

**If you are closely related to me and would like to view these videos, please do contact me for a private link.