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Percy and Nora Farnworth

Shortly after they married, Percy and Nora Farnworth left to serve as missionaries for their church. Surprisingly they were sent to separate missions. Several dozen letters from Percy to Nora during this time have been passed down in the family. Here is one of those sweet letters.

“Enigma, Ga., June 11, 1921

“My Dear Wife Nora,

Your loving letter I received with joy and read it through and Oh! how sweet to always hear the words I do love you, they make me feel so good, they reach right to my heart and stir up my loving to for I sure love you Dearest, just think we have been married twenty months all ready and haven’t seen one another for over nineteen of them, but Oh! the happy days that are coming Dear when we can have our little home all alone where none shall come between us at all and our father in heaven will help us to live the lives we have always prayed for Oh! but the time sure does go fast now and it doesn’t seem so long either since I left me sweet face in salt lake, do you remember how I came over to the train and you put out your hand and I kissed it and squeezed it, I hated to see you leave me at that time, love but I knew it was the will of our father and I knew if we would only do his will and be obedient to all he had ask us to do he would be with us always, and he sure has so far and I hope he will continue to do so,

well love the watermelons are getting ripe now I just ate a half of a big one I wish you could have helped me eat I would have enjoyed it much better if I had knew that you were also enjoying it for I love you and I always think of you when I get something that is good…”

I can’t imagine being separated from my husband right after we were married. They were so committed to God and the work they were doing though. They kept close through these letters until they were reunited again after their missionary service ended.

I hope you enjoyed that bit of family history as I did. See you again soon with another story from the past.


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