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This past month, our eldest daughter graduated from college. Aside from the fact that this event caused me both excitement and shock that the time has gone so fast, it caused me to reflect on the educational opportunities and accomplishments that our ancestors achieved. Our daughter is building on that legacy and I wanted to remember that.

Our daughter, the college graduate

The past two to three generations of our family have had an opportunity for a college education. Before that, many worked hard to gain some trade school training. Others felt accomplished that they were able to graduate from high school and get good work to support a family. Still others attended only a few years of elementary school.

I made a 5-generation chart to visually see the educational opportunities of our ancestors. It seems that the trend is that each generation truly does build on the generation before with more educational opportunities. It will be interesting to see if that trend holds.

I hope you enjoyed that bit of family history as I did. See you again soon with another story from the past.


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