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Finlay Family Genealogy

7 June 2023 - 10:57:36pm
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ALREDD, John John7 June 1620403Death 
ASHTON, John John7 June 1607416Christening 
Breese, Nina M Nina M7 June 1912111Birth 
BROOM, Jacob Pierce Jacob Pierce7 June 1786237Birth 
Cotton, William William7 June 1897126Death 
CUTLER, William William7 June 1562461Christening 
CUTLER, William William7 June 1562461Birth 
Farnworth, John Daniel John Daniel7 June 192697Birth 
FINLAY, Joseph Burton Joseph Burton7 June 199132Death 
FINLAY, Joseph Burton Joseph Burton7 June 199132Death 
HAILD, Isaac
Isaac7 June 1745278Marriage 
JANNEY, Elizabeth Elizabeth7 June 1620403Birth 
MARIS, George
George7 June 1718305Marriage 
Reynolds, Anna Eliza Anna Eliza7 June 1912111Death 
Shipman, Sarah Sarah7 June 1709314Birth 
STOUT, John John7 June 1790233Death 
STRODE, Thomas Thomas7 June 1625398Death 

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