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Finlay Family Genealogy

27 May 2022 - 12:55:12pm
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ASHTON, James James27 May 1651371Death 
CUTLER, Jemima Jemima27 May 1711311Christening 
LEAVER, Demaris
Thomas27 May 1717305Marriage 
Donohoo, Howard Hynes "H.H." Howard Hynes "H.H."27 May 1906116Event 
Hambleton, James Claudius James Claudius27 May 1897125Death 
Jensen, Rasmus Rasmus27 May 1787235Birth 
Kaab, Jenophea Jenophea27 May 1591431Christening 
LEMASTER, Hugh Hugh27 May 1750272Birth 
McCleary, Louisa Louisa27 May 1837185Death 
PEARSON, John John27 May 1644378Birth 
PEARSON, Thomas Thomas27 May 1734288Death 
Sandford, Annie Mildred Annie Mildred27 May 1906116Event 
Skiffe, Nathan Nathan27 May 1658364Birth 
WILTBANK, Spencer Sanders
RENCHER, Mary Ellen
Spencer Sanders27 May 1880142Marriage 

Total events: 14
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