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Finlay Family Genealogy

26 September 2018 - 7:03:43am
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ANDERSEN, Thomas Thomas26 September 1751267Christening 
BELOIS, Richard
Richard26 September 1688330Marriage 
BLOISE, Richard Jennison
Richard Jennison26 September 1688330Marriage 
BLYSE, Richard
Richard26 September 1689329Marriage 
Cotton, John William John William26 September 1903115Death 
Donohoo, Howard Hynes "H.H." Howard Hynes "H.H."26 September 1888130Event 
Farnworth, Alfred Lorenzo Alfred Lorenzo26 September 196652Death 
Farnworth, Twila Nora "Terry" Twila Nora "Terry"26 September 198929Burial 
Farthing, John John26 September 1784234Birth 
HAWS, Marker Albert Marker Albert26 September 196454Burial 
Hoke, Mauritus Mauritus26 September 1738280Death 
HUGHES, Joseph Joseph26 September 1815203Birth 
LEWIS, Ellis Ellis26 September 1708310Birth 
RITCHIE, Adam Cornelius Adam Cornelius26 September 1837181Birth 
SCOTT, Mary Mary26 September 1728290Death 
SESSIONS, Nathaniel Nathaniel26 September 1771247Death 

Total events: 16
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