Melissa is available on a limited basis to speak at local, regional and national genealogy conferences in the Utah area.

Current class offerings:

  • Descendancy Research: Round Up All Your Cousins

Description: Learn how to research the descendants of your ancestors to round up all your ancestral cousins and connect them to your family tree. 40-50% of all our ancestral cousins have no descendants to remember them. Leave no ancestral cousins behind!

  • Discover the Story Behind the Facts

Description:  The best way to preserve and ancestor’s life history after we have researched about them is by writing their story down for others to read. Learn how to discover the story of your ancestor hidden behind the facts of their life.

  • How to Make Short Family History Video Stories

Description:  Today’s younger generations seek visual, faced-paced, easily-accessible information and entertainment. Make your family history appeal to the younger generations of your family by sharing short 2-4 minute stories with them in a video format.

  • Share Small Bites: Invite Your Family to Learn About Their Ancestors Bit by Bit

Description:  Every person deserves to feel a connection to their ancestors. Learn how to break your vast family history stores into manageable bites, so your extended family members can sample small bits and find out what they connect with from their genealogy.

  • Which Charles is Which? Separating Same Name Individuals

Description:  Some individuals with similar names have been combined, crossed and muddled over time. Learn how to differentiate between same-named people using a composite of time, place, family members, occupation and other unique identifiers.


Speaking Schedule:


July – BYU Family History-Genealogy Conference

July – myFamily History Youth Camp

April – Centerville Quad-Stake Family Discovery Day

February – RootsTech 2017


April – Riverton Family History Library Discovery Day