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Genealogy Goals 2017

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I plan to fill my year with plenty of family history activities in 2017! Here are my major plans.


After working on the Donohoo Descendancy project since mid-2014, I feel ready to wrap it up. It has been a good couple of years, during which I have learned a lot about managing a large-scale project like this. I have forced myself to take time to get all the way to the finished written products of this project. It is time to finish it!

I have so many other research projects I want to work on, but I’m practicing self-discipline and making myself finish the Donohoo project first. It is good for me!


I will once again attend RootsTech, the Family Roots Expo in St. George, several Riverton FamilySearch Library Saturday Seminars and Discovery Days, and Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

In a more concentrated effort to achieve my professional credential in genealogy by 2018, I am carefully studying and working through these books: Becoming an Excellent Genealogist, Professional Genealogy and Mastering Genealogical Proof. I will be joining the AG study group beginning July 2017.

I have also started a study of the research plans, research reports, and research summaries shared online by Elizabeth Shown Mills. I am modeling these reports as I wrap up the Donohoo project to improve my professional writing skills. Thanks to ESM for sharing these, as I am learning so much from them!


In 2017, I hope to wrap up the archiving of my family history photo collection. I am not sure this is realistic, since my pace in 2016 was slow. But, I am going to aim high and see how far I can get.

I will work on more family yearbooks (for my current family). Now that I have organized my digital photos, and created a template for the yearbooks, this project should go quickly, if I sit down consistently to do it. I have set aside some time on Sunday afternoons to do this, and have a couple of daughters that may help, which would keep me motivated.


This year we will continue to develop Little Family Tree, and add more tree providers that the app can connect to for data. We will roll out GenQuizitive on the web as well as work towards an Android and iOS app.

I will begin teaching and lecturing on a larger scale again. First, at RootsTech, then hopefully at the BYU Genealogy-Family History conference. I will also offer my classes to the Riverton FHL and the Family Roots Expo.


My goal for 2017 is to make another 12 family history videos (about one per month). Although, I plan to make a batch of those videos when we attend my husband’s family reunion this summer. On site videos with some of the older generations of the family will be amazing!

I will continue to share photos and the tidbits I know about them on the blog, Instagram, Facebook, and with the children as I bust through the archiving project.

The longer stories I write in 2017 will mostly be about Donohoos as I wrap up that project.


Our main trip this year will be to the Wiltbank family reunion (which will also be the source for several video stories) in Greer, Arizona. I plan to help my mother-in-law with this in any way she’d like me to. She definitely plans to include family history activities. I can’t wait!

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