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Sunday Story: A Gal in the Marines

During WWII, nearly 350,000 women served in the Airforce, Army, Coast Guard, Navy and Marines in support services to free…

Sunday Story: Called Apart

My great-grandparents, Percy and Nora (Presnell) Farnworth, were called to serve a mission for their church as a newlywed couple….

Sunday Story: Separated by War

This week’s #FamilyStoryMinute recounts the newlywed years of Walter and Billee (Barton) Corn, who wed just before the United States…

Sunday Story: George Ernest “Ernie” Finlay: Man of Technology, Man of the Land

This week’s #FamilyStoryMinute explores the contrasting talents of my husband’s paternal grandpa, George Ernest “Ernie” Finlay. Please enjoy.

Sunday Story: Frank’s Navy Days

This week’s #FamilyStoryMinute features the World War II Navy service of my husband’s grandpa, Frank Darrell Wiltbank. Please enjoy.

Sunday Story: Betty the Prankster

This week’s #FamilyStoryMinute features the childhood antics of my grandma, Betty Alice Johnson. Please enjoy.

Sunday Story: When Billee and Walter Met

This week’s #FamilyStoryMinute features the courtship story of high school sweethearts Billee Barton and Walter Corn, my grandma and grandpa….

Join Me for #FamilyStoryMinute

Steve Rockwood inspired me in his RootsTech 2016 Thursday keynote address with the one minute family story. I spend a…

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