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Melissa Corn Finlay

Melissa Corn Finlay was drawn to family history at an early age, and has now been researching and learning about her ancestors for over 25 years. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Family History-Genealogy in 2000.

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Here at The Finlay Family Blog, Melissa shares personal family history stories, recipes, photos and more from the vast collection she has inherited over the past quarter century! Her goal with this blog is to make these family treasures available to all her and her husband’s children, grandchildren, cousins, and relatives all over the world.

All of the genealogy stories here are for sharing, but please be courteous by giving credit to this website and the contributors who have spent much time and effort to compile them here.

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  1. Hey Melissa! I send you a facebook message, did you get it? If not, email me. 🙂

  2. I noticed that you downloaded the obituary of Major William C. L. Taylor of the 20th Indiana Infantry. May I ask what is your interest in Major Taylor? I am writing a book about the Kearny Medal which was issued to about 400 officers, including Major Taylor, during the Civil War. I’d be very interested in any other family information that you may have about him and I’d be happy to share what I have, including the contents of his service and pension files. Thanks.

    • Hello Bob, I was researching Major Taylor’s brother, Marsh B. Taylor, a decorated Civil War soldier in his own right. Marsh was married to Sudie Bishop, a descendant of Patrick and Sarah Donohoo, who I am also descended from. Let me get some information together and email you what I have.

    • Bob, would you kindly send an email to my email address above on this page, so I have a way to contact you outside of this comment section?

      Much appreciation,


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