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From Billee’s Kitchen, an Heirloom Cookbook

I visited my grandmother Billee in person for the last time when she was 90 years old. I spent several…

English Pea Salad Like Luby’s Cafeteria by Billee

This family recipe has been handed down from Billee Barton Corn. Billee frequented Luby’s cafeteria often with friends and co¬≠workers….

The Settee

One of my favorite heirlooms is an antique settee. It came from my Grandma Billee, who received it from one…

Grandma Barton Babysits

Billee Barton grew up in Oklahoma City surrounded by extended family members. She could walk one direction down the road…

The Community on the Quilt

The beautiful handstitched quilt that Sidney & Bessie Barton received on their anniversary really contains a story about a community…

Sid & Bess’s 100th Wedding Anniversary

              Today I am commemorating my great-grandparents’ 100th wedding anniversary. They were married 18…

In Honor of Our Veterans

Last year I shared about a few of the Veterans from our family history. This year I would like to…

Our ‘Relative Race’: A Drive Through History

During the month of June, we took our family on a cross-country road trip. 1 RV. 9 people. 17 days….

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