Just a quick note to say that while I will be blogging less frequently for a while, I am super busy behind the scenes with family and genealogy pursuits. 
In family life, my oldest daughter is busy with some ambitious senior year classes as she finishes high school, and doing a lot to set herself up for college next year. A son is having lots of driving practice hours with mom and dad in preparation for obtaining his driver’s license. Two sons are working on their Eagle rank in Boy Scouts of America. And my youngest children have been passing croup around since we returned home from RootsTech. All of these are top priority for me and are taking most hours of my days.
In genealogy pursuits, I am working hard towards my goal of accreditation, with a goal to obtain this during the year. I am also developing several courses I will present at various genealogy conferences in 2017. We continue to develop our fun genealogy apps, Little Family Tree and GenQuizitive. I am also writing some articles for publication.
All of this fills my days and leaves little time for blogging at the moment. As I find time and inspiration, I will post. In the meantime, I am still here and kickin’ it behind the scenes!