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A Tradition to Carry On

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Our sons hold a unique opportunity, a chance to carry on a six-generation family tradition. Perhaps the tradition stretches on past six generations… but that has yet to be discovered. For the past six generations in my husband’s paternal line the men have been named: Joseph Sr., Joseph Jr., George Sr., George Jr., and my father-in-law and husband are Sr. and Jr.
Here are photos of the Senior and Junior sets:
Joseph John Finlay Sr. & Jr.
 IMG_2046.JPG IMG_2047.JPG

 George Finlay Sr. & Jr.

IMG_2044.JPG IMG_2045.JPG

John Sr. & Jr.

We shared this traditional naming pattern with our three sons, along with a little nudge that they have the chance to extend this tradition to 8 generations if they name a future son a Jr. Our two teen sons actually thought this was a compelling idea, but asked if I was going to MAKE them do it. Of course not! I am only going to question and cajole your future fiancees to see if they will agree to this tradition…. No, not really! Our children will obviously have full naming authority over their own children. But this gal would sure be proud to have three little junior grandsons someday! And I will certainly continue to share my enthusiasm about the neat stories and traditions of our ancestry!

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