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In January 1945, Betty Alice Johnson was a 17-year-old high school student in Preston, Idaho. Her daily journals tell of her fun-loving, social personality and her zest for life. Here is a peek at just one week in the life of teenaged Betty Johnson:

Betty Alice Johnson, 1945

“Saturday, January 27, 1945
I went to town today. I went to town at night with Dick & Zelda [her older brother and his wife]. Beth, Connie, Cleo and I went to the show, and then to the dance. The dance was a lot of fun. I came home with Keith. We talked for quite a while and it was fun.

“Sunday, January 28, 1945
I went to Royla’s Transian tea today. I had to help serve. Had fun.

“Monday, January 29, 1945
Went to school and just about walked out on am job at cafeteria.
I went to an ice skating party down to Fairview, then we came back to the apartment and ate chili and ice cream.
We talked & the boys played Pollyanna.
Virgil came up. He has until Monday. He sure looks cute. I came home with him & boy can he skate good.

“Tuesday, January 30, 1945
Went to school and went through the usual routine.
I was supposed to go to mutual, but I was so sleepy I couldn’t have stood it, so I stayed home and slept.

“Wednesday, January 31, 1945
Went with Virgil to the President’s Ball at Logan. It was really crowded, but we had a lot of fun.
Before the dance we went up to Blanche and Herms. We talked for quite a while. Beth went with Vernon.
Went over to the Beanery to eat & talked to Charlottes Boy Friends for quite a while.

“Thursday, February 1, 1945
Went to school, and laughed so hard I just about died. We say in English & [?] Problems, and wrote notes. Had a test in Gen. Science today.
Went to a pep club meeting at noon.

“Friday, February 2, 1945
It rained almost all day today. About 7:00 it changed into snow.
There was a dance at night for Hal Dona Talbot who is home on leave. It was a good dance and I think everyone had a good time.
I played the accordian for about 3 dances.”

What a fun and busy week! During this week, Betty dated several young men (none of whom would be her future husband), and attended several dances and even more social events. She also traveled from town to town a lot for a small town farm girl.

And the accordion?? I knew Betty was musical. She sang and played piano and organ. But I had no idea she played the accordion… and for dances too! What a fun tidbit to learn from her journal.

Dwight Percy Farnworth was born 15 July 1924, in Nampa, Canyon, Idaho, to Percy Q and Nora Edith (Presnell) Farnworth. Dwight was my maternal grandfather.

I hope you enjoyed that bit of family history as I did. See you again soon with another story from the past.


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